a new day

•November 17, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Well gang, here we go. For those of us interested, and I know there are several of us, this new blog is the space where we can walk/talk with each other in the way of Jesus through an experimental church engagement. The new blog’s namesake is from a book by Letty Russell entitled Church in the Round: Feminist Interpretation of the Church.

Here’s a couple quotes from the preface:

first sentence of the book…
“I have always found it difficult to walk away from the church, but I have also found it difficult to walk with it. This sort of love/hate relationship with the church was established at an early age.”

“Since writing Household of Freedom: Authority in Feminist Theology, I have been reflecting on the question of what kind of church could in some way become a household of freedom. What might a church that struggled to practice a sharing of authority in community look like? If this household of freedom is to be a sign of the eschatological household of God, it must have some concrete description that could help us to understand how it would function. I began by asking metaphorically about the furniture in a household of freedom. At a glance the contents page will make it immediately clear that so far I have come up with only one type of furniture – tables!”

“Whether the table is high or low, requiring chairs or only pillows or spread out on the ground itself, the place where the feast is spread is a key metaphor for God’s hospitality.”

“Church in the Round describes a community of faith and struggle working to anticipate God’s New Creation by becoming partners with those who are at the margins of church and society. The metaphor in the book speaks of people gathered around the table and in the world in order to connect faith and life in action/reflection (the round table), work for justice in solidarity with those at the margins of society (the kitchen table), and to welcome everyone as partners in God’s world house (the welcome table).”

Well here we are. We’re busy, too busy sometimes to formally gather together. The quantum stuff helps us to know that this split of gathered/scattered church, we want to neatly delineate in our being church may not even exist at all, and well, I’m kinda inclined to agree. Who knows, maybe we ought to think of ourselves as ‘quantum church.’ And yet this feeling of separation exists, paradoxically, embedded deep within, there is a certain sense of disconnectedness. But there doesn’t have to be. I’m not going to let that get in the way of our continued engagement for being church…together, fragmented, distant, connected, interested…yearning to participate in something bigger than ourselves and more meaningful than we can understand.

Part of our engaging as church is embodying that we are church without walls, we are church, not merely by ‘going’, but by ‘being’ church, in our daily lives, when we are together and especially, as we are apart. We trust that our efforts to live the way of Jesus are an ongoing and simultaneous event even as we are apart. So here we are, a new day of engaging as church, as God’s people, broken yet hopeful.

Peace to us all. And so begins our journey together.